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Ceramic coating on your car 2 New Detailing Fraser,MI

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” Experience the difference at 2 New Detailing, your go-to spot in Troy, MI, where automotive transformations come to life! Dive into the world of Ceramic Coatings, Auto Detailing and industrial grade coating solutions, where meticulous care meets exceptional results. We treat every vehicle with utmost respect, ensuring they shine brightly and make a statement on the road.

Explore our premium Ceramic Coating service – the perfect blend of beauty and protection for your cherished investment. Revitalize your ride and drive with confidence today!

Our Services

IGL ceramic coatings

IGL Ceramic Coatings are the ideal protective coating for keeping your car in the best condition. Ceramic coating will shield your vehicle against UV deterioration, acid rain, tar, bird droppings, and other environmental elements while creating a superb gloss. At 2 New Detailing, we offer ceramic coating for RVs, cars, and motorcycles!

Range Rover 2 year ceramic coating

Boat Coating

Boat Coating is a great way to protect the surface from the sun’s UV rays and keep salt and acid rain from getting into the pores. With boat ceramic coating, the surface becomes very resistant to water. It gets rid of any salt, dirt, or fish blood on the surface.

Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing consists of multiple steps for cleaning the exterior and interior to make your car clean and retain its resale value! Detailing preserves the upholstery and removes the debris from the exterior!

Best auto detailing in Fraser,MI
Heavy vehicle protection


Introducing IGL Aegis, the ultimate solution for anti-corrosion protection in the industrial sector. With its advanced formulation and cutting-edge technology, IGL Aegis offers industrial equipment and machinery the highest level of protection against rust and corrosion.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is correcting flaws in the paint of your cars, such as surface scratches, swirl marks, haze, and marring. It is an effective method for restoring the color to the luster of the car’s paint! 2 New Detailing offers a paint correction service for RVs, cars, and motorcycles!


Superior Detailing Services At 2 New Detailing in Troy, MI

If you can’t decide which detailing shop is the best in town, you don’t need to look further than 2 New Detailing. We will meet and go above and beyond all of your expectations!


Qualified Team

2 New Detailing has a skilled and professional team that preserves your car in the best possible condition! We are passionate about protecting and detailing your vehicle!

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High quality products

2 New Detailing only uses high-quality products to preserve your car. We offer ceramic coating, boat detailing, ceramic boat coating, auto detailing, and paint correction, which fulfill all our customer’s needs!

Ceramic coating

Customers Satisfaction

At 2 New Detailing we’re very proud of how excellent our customer service is. We ensure the highest level of service is delivered to our satisfied customers every single time.


Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson
Chris is the only one we take our vehicles to for detailing. He's also done our camper and just finished with our boat. Let me say, it looked better than when we first brought it home off the show room floor. He has always done top-notch work and goes above and beyond. Exceeds expectations every time. I highly recommend him if you want a better than perfect detail.
Eric G
Eric G
Chris did an awesome job on my Silverado. I had mass amounts of sand and dog hair inside and some scratches on the outside he got polished out. he got it looking better than when I bought it. Chris is very meticulous, thanks again
David Duquet
David Duquet
Did a Great job! Took a bad van that gets badly used and abused by 6 active kids and 2 dogs. Made it look almost as good as new. I really appreciated the job that was done very much!
minhaj zaman
minhaj zaman
Chris did an amazing job on my BMW M550. Did the paint correction and ceramic coating. Received a lot of compliments. Would recommend!
Karen D
Karen D
After calling several places, I decided to try this place. I got a good quote. It was cheaper than the last time when somebody came out to my house. like the fact that he has his own area where he works. He's not some rim rim operation that pulls up in your driveway with a junky power washer. I have a Ford flex. It was pretty darn dirty when I bought it. It didn't look so dirty until he pulled the seats back. He did not add on to the original quoted price even though he spent an extra three hours on it. Mine was considered a small SUV. It has three rows of seats. I clean houses for a living and I am a perfectionist. This owner Chris works by himself, so he knows the job is done right, and I must say he did a spectacular job! He met my standards by cleaning every nook and cranny, even under things. He did not miss the door jams. He did a great job on the windows. He did the inside and the outside of my truck. It looks like and smells like a new truck and it is a 2009. He even got the stuff off the outside of the doors by the mirrors . He also went out of his way and picked me up and dropped me off at home. I would recommend this business, and I will definitely use Chris again. He did a 100% better job than the other two businesses I used previously. Thank you Chris!
Anne f
Anne f
Chris Downs saved my truck. My story is a little different than a lot of the reviews in that I don’t take a lot of pride in keeping my Tacoma shiny. I prefer it muddy and the back seat belongs to my husky. But after a sap clogged sunroof drain resulted in a moldy disaster, I honestly wasn’t sure what the fate of my truck would be. It sat at the dealership a week getting worse before they diagnosed what took Chris literal seconds to figure out. The mold had gotten so bad after a month of trying to figure it out I didn’t feel safe breathing in it. In a day and a half , Chris not only had it smelling fresh as a daisy, but I swear the interior looks better than the day it came off the lot. He had the seats removed, carpet pulled back and he took his time to make sure every mushroom and bug that moved in underneath the padding was gone. He communicated beautifully along the way and took a level of pride in his work that is practically nonexistent these days. He’s a Diamond in the rough. To top it off his prices are more than fair because, I’m telling you, I’ve had regular details done before and nobody has come close to the level of pride and attention to detail Chris puts in to his work. He went above and beyond . When you hire him, you can rest assured you are in the best hands out there. I’m now looking forward to hiring him to do some work on our RV. I truly haven’t felt this excited to spend my money since I bought the truck!
Richard Langell Jr.
Richard Langell Jr.
OMG What can I say Chris went above and beyond. My brand new 2023 Buick envision avenir looks INCREDIBLE. He did the 5 year exterior and full inside protection. With window treatment. My first maintenance visit back I will do the full undercarriage protection before it's first Michigan winter. Chris is unbelievably good at what he does puts his heart and soul into it.
Darin Pinsker
Darin Pinsker
Chris did a masterful interior detail job on my car. The upholstery on my 2016 Hyundai had never been professionally cleaned until he came along and resurrected the inside back to new! He is very honest, personable, trustworthy, transparent, and extremely passionate about what he does. We are living in some tough times these days, and Chris is a bright light amidst the darkness. He deserves way more than a 5 star rating!
Rob Koehn
Rob Koehn
Great work and a great guy! Go see Chris. He’ll make your baby great again.

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2 New Detailing offers high-quality car detailing services with outstanding results and a significant focus on customer service. The goal of 2 New Detailing is to give you the best service possible at the best price. To protect your car today, call us at 586-932-8022 or visit us at 33873 Dequindre Rd Troy, MI 48083.