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Corvette coating

Experience The Premium Detailing Services At
2 New Detailing in Eastpointe, MI

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IGL ceramic coatings

IGL Ceramic Coatings are the ideal protective coating for keeping your car in the best condition. Ceramic coating will shield your vehicle against UV deterioration, acid rain, tar, bird droppings, and other environmental elements while creating a superb gloss. At 2 New Detailing, we offer ceramic coating for RVs, cars, and motorcycles!


Boat Coating

Boat Coating is a great way to protect the surface from the sun’s UV rays and keep salt and acid rain from getting into the pores. With boat ceramic coating, the surface becomes very resistant to water. It gets rid of any salt, dirt, or fish blood on the surface.

Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing consists of multiple steps for cleaning the exterior and interior to make your car clean and retain its resale value! Detailing preserves the upholstery and removes the debris from the exterior!



Ecoclear Aegis is a transparent anti-corrosion paint system coating

Paint Correction

Paint correction is correcting flaws in the paint of your cars, such as surface scratches, swirl marks, haze, and marring. It is an effective method for restoring the color to the luster of the car’s paint! 2 New Detailing offers a paint correction service for RVs, cars, and motorcycles!


Superior Detailing Services At 2 New Detailing in Eastpointe, MI

If you can’t decide which detailing shop is the best in town, you don’t need to look further than 2 New Detailing. We will meet and go above and beyond all of your expectations!

Qualified Team

2 New Detailing has a skilled and professional team that preserves your car in the best possible condition! We are passionate about protecting and detailing your vehicle!

High quality products

2 New Detailing only uses high-quality products to preserve your car. We offer ceramic coating, boat detailing, ceramic boat coating, auto detailing, and paint correction, which fulfill all our customer’s needs!

Customers Satisfaction

At 2 New Detailing we’re very proud of how excellent our customer service is. We ensure the highest level of service is delivered to our satisfied customers every single time.


Heather Ross
Heather Ross
My car turned out amazing! The paint looks so much better than before! Top-notch service from Chris!
Andre Miller
Andre Miller
Chris was cool quick and serious about his work..I was expecting to get my car back in 2 days ....he had it finished in a half a day....💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 pictures coming soon
Angela Amore
Angela Amore
My husband and I decided to sell my vehicle, but the inside was trashed. 2New came highly recommended by a friend so we got in touch with Chris. Everything about our experience was above and beyond what we anticipated. Not only was Chris extremely professional, but his customer service and workmanship were outstanding! He takes great pride in his work and does an amazing job! My car looks brand new again. I highly recommend taking whatever you need detailed to 2 New Detailing. You WILL NOT be disappointed!!
Carole Sharrow
Carole Sharrow
Incredibly professional, affordable and my vehicle was ready as stated when I dropped it off. I am the only owner of my suv, it was brought back to showroom condition!!!You breathed new life into my neglected vehicle. I will be scheduling another appointment in the fall so it's protected from all the salt. Thanks Chris for a stellar job!!
Shane Campbell
Shane Campbell
Chris did an excellent job with the paint correction and ceramic coating. I had a lot of issues with the paint abs Chris took the time to work them out and get my car back in a timely manner. I would highly recommend.
Jonathan Johnson
Jonathan Johnson
Went above and beyond to make my truck look amazing! Extremely please with the pride in the project
Rikki Sharma
Rikki Sharma
I took my vehicle in March 2022. My car was so filthy I was embarrassed to take pictures before. This is the best high quality job where Chris take his time and can make any car feels like it's just leaving the car dealership. I’m so happy with this place and highly recommend to everyone. I dropped my car off right after working a night shift and Chris was kind enough to drop me home in his personal vehicle as I didn't have any other means of getting home and to me that is exceptional service. I highly highly recommend this place to everyone. This is the only place I'll be getting my car detailed at as long as I'm here..
Jeremey Martin
Jeremey Martin
Chris did a fantastic job on both my trucks! He did a full detail. Inside and out. And both came out better than when I bought them. My newest truck, he did a ceramic coat on. It’s awesome. The water and dirt just bead right off. Great costumer service, Great turn around time, and exceptional workmanship. Worth every penny!

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2 New Detailing offers high-quality car detailing services with outstanding results and a significant focus on customer service. The goal of 2 New Detailing is to give you the best service possible at the best price. To protect your car today, call us at 586-932-8022 or visit us at 23450 Gratiot Ave, Eastpointe, MI 48021.