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Auto detailing at 2 new detailing Troy,MI

Auto Detailing at 2 New Detailing in Troy, MI – A Perfect Shine for Every Vehicle.

” Experience the difference at 2 New Detailing, your go-to spot in Troy, MI, where automotive transformations come to life! Dive into the world of Ceramic Coatings, Auto Detailing and industrial grade coating solutions, where meticulous care meets exceptional results. We treat every vehicle with utmost respect, ensuring they shine brightly and make a statement on the road.

Explore our premium Ceramic Coating service – the perfect blend of beauty and protection for your cherished investment. Revitalize your ride and drive with confidence today!

BMW full detail at 2 new detailing Troy,MI

What Does Auto Detailing Include?

Auto detailing is an upgrade from a standard car wash. It is a complete procedure that goes beyond what a vehicle wash can do to clean. It will repair and preserve your car. Auto Detailing concentrates on thorough washing, light paint restoration, and high-tech protective coatings. Car detailing consists of exterior and interior car detailing, enhancing your car’s condition and making it feel as fresh and new as the day you drove it out of the showroom!

Does Auto Detailing Benefit Your Vehicle?

At 2 New Detailing, we offer a wide variety of different services ranging from interior and exterior detailingceramic coatings and underbody protection



Everything from our interior and exterior packages plus

▫️Engine clean


Exterior Detail

▫️Thorough hand wash

▫️Clay-bar decontamination

▫️Paintwork polished

▫️Finish sealed with a polymer sealant

▫️Wheels and tires cleaned

▫️Tires dressed

▫️Exterior glass cleaned


Full Interior Detail

▫️Vacuum floors and trunk area

▫️Wipe down vinyl or plastic floor mats

▫️Vacuum cloth seats

▫️Wipe leather seats down

▫️Clean console, cup holders, crevices, and vents

▫️Clean dash and UV protect

▫️Clean all interior trim and plastics

▫️Clean and condition door panels and pockets

▫️Clean door jambs

▫️Clean glass inside and out

▫️Clean vehicle headliner

▫️Steam clean cloth floor mats

▫️Steam clean carpeting in cabin

▫️Steam clean cloth seats

▫️Deep clean and condition leather seats


How Frequently Should We Do Car Detailing?

2 New Detailing suggests a new detail every four to six months, or twice a year. However, the frequency of your detailing services should depend on the state of your car. Someone who consistently washes, waxes, and cleans their vehicle will need detailing services less often. If you’re generally neat and take care of your car, detailing your vehicle twice a year should be enough.

When is the most crucial time to clean my car?

Due to significant temperature fluctuations, road construction, salt, and other components that are particularly damaging to your vehicle’s exterior, the winter months are the most important time to detail. Detailing a car will remove any particles from its surface, leaving it clean.

How much does Auto Detailing cost?

The cost of auto detailing depends on the desired services, the condition of the car, and the location. Expect to pay the typical amount for a basic interior and exterior cleaning, which includes washing the carpets, seats, and cargo area. Adding additional services, such as exterior wax, scratch removal, and engine bay cleaning raises the price due to additional services.



Auto Detailing at 2 New Detailing in Troy, MI is the perfect place to detail your car and renew that showroom-like shine! At 2 New Detailing, we use high-quality techniques to clean your vehicle and protect the upholstery, thus improving the car’s value! Book an appointment with 2 New Detailing at 586-932-8022, or you can reach us at 33873 Dequindre Rd Troy, MI 48083! 2 New Detailing is ready to assist car owners!