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Should You Consider Ceramic CoatingFor Your Vehicle?

Are you annoyed with damage to your car from environmental factors like bird droppings, tree sap, or acid rain? The truth is that these things can ruin your vehicle’s paint! So what should we do to protect the exterior of our car? A ceramic coating is a perfect solution to protect your car and maintain that showroom-like shine! If you are wondering about ceramic coating and want to learn more, then get started on this article about ceramic coating with 2 New Detailing in Eastpointe, MI!

ceramic coating on your car 2 New Detailing Eastpointe MI

Ceramic Coating: What Is It?

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer sealant applied to a vehicle’s factory paint to form a protective layer. Ceramic coatings consist of SiO2 Silicon Dioxide and a mixture of compounds to keep it durable and protect the paint from UV radiation, chemical stains, and etching.

Why Should We Apply Ceramic Coating To Our Cars?

UV/Oxidation Resistant

Because car paint is often exposed to the sun, it oxidizes and fades. A ceramic coating shields an automobile’s paint from the sun’s UV rays, therefore minimizing oxidation.

Prevent Stains

Chemicals from natural, environmental contaminants can pose a threat to the integrity of your car. A ceramic coating‘s chemically resistant surface allows it to remove certain impurities straight from a car’s paintwork.

Provide Hydrophobic Features

Water resistance is an essential characteristic of ceramic coating that facilitates cleaning. When a vehicle has an impermeable ceramic coating, water will drop and glide off the surface more readily. This means that mud and debris will not be able to stick to the car’s paint, making it easy to remove while washing the vehicle.

Creating High Gloss

 A superior ceramic coating increases the paint’s reflection, enhancing the color’s depth and clarity. Your vehicle will be more reflective and will look shinier!

Remove Water Hazards

A single drop of water typically includes a specific quantity of dirt or minerals. When water evaporates from a vehicle’s surface, minerals are left behind, forming visible spots. These stains will eventually penetrate deeply into the paint surface. Ceramic coatings generate a hydrophobic coating that repels water from the surface, allowing it to slip off the paint without leaving any trace.

What is the lifespan of a ceramic coating?

Based on the number of layers and ceramic coating types used, a ceramic coating will have an average lifespan of two to five years. To make the ceramic coating longer lasting, it is advised to maintain it every two months.

To Prolong The Lifetime Of Ceramic Coating, What Should We Do?

At this point, 2 New Detailing in Eastpointe, MI, will help you understand precisely how to clean and maintain a ceramic-coated automobile. 

Do Not Use An Automatic Car Wash

Taking a ceramic-coated vehicle to a drive-through car wash is the easiest way to destroy it, mainly if it contains brushes or those cleaning cloths that resemble curtains. In seconds, these vehicle washes may destroy a ceramic finish. Soaps are often pH-aggressive, similar to industrial detergents. 

Always use a pH-neutral car shampoo.

There is no need to clean the surface with an aggressive or abrasive auto shampoo or clay bar. Always use a pH-neutral auto shampoo that does not include additional wax. The wax may reduce its hydrophobic characteristics and cause additional debris to adhere to it, making it dirtier.

Wash the Vehicle During Low Light Hours

When washing your car, it is usually better to do it in times of low sunlight. The optimum time to wash and dry the car is on an overcast day, early morning, or before sunset. Because sunshine rapidly dries soap on the coating, which may generate water stains and streaks.

Use the same SiO2 Boost Spray.

Consistency is essential for any substance used for auto maintenance. While many auto enthusiasts like experimenting with various items for their vehicles, it is not advisable to do so with ceramic boosts or maintenance sprays. Multiple spray coatings may result in incompatibility concerns, resulting in coating damage and paint correction.

Always Make Use of Clean Materials

When washing, drying or applying any cleaning agent to a coated vehicle, it is essential to prevent cross-contamination with other cleaning materials. Therefore, before using a microfiber towel, wash mitt, or even the buckets, ensure they are clean and free of any other cleansers, degreasers, or dirt.

Underdog ceramic coating at 2 New Detailing in Eastpointe, MI, will be an excellent choice for your vehicle! It is a high-quality and durable coating! Our team at 2 New Detailing in Eastpointe, Michigan, is highly skilled and able to accommodate any needs regarding detailing services. Call 2 New Detailing at 586-932-8022 or visit us at 23450 Gratiot Avenue, Eastpointe, Michigan 48021 to schedule an appointment!