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expert paint correction at 2 New Detailing Fraser, MI

Remove Imperfections On Your Car’s Surface With Paint Correction At 2 New Detailing In Troy, MI.

SL 600 paint correction

What Is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is repairing and restoring a vehicle’s finish to like new condition. It includes multiple stages which use machine polishers, different compounds, and graded pads to remove swirl marks, scratches, and other flaws from a vehicle’s finish. A fully corrected vehicle will only show exact reflections when viewed in direct sunlight, with no swirl marks, scratches, or other defects visible to the naked eye. It comprises of various procedures designed to maintain the car’s paintwork and preserve a glossy, sleek appearance. At 2 New Detailing, we provide paint correction services for RVs, cars, and motorcycles which will make any vehicle shine like new!

The Three Common Stages Of Paint Correction

Paint Correction involves numerous procedures for correcting imperfections. Determined by the quality of the car’s paint and the amount of repair required.

Stage 1

The first step in paint correction is to remove any surface impurities. Following a thorough washing and drying, the clay bar treatment is applied. The finish may have a sandpaper-like texture if your paint has extensive contamination or overspray. Before moving to the buffing and polishing phases, this decontamination procedure is essential.

Stage 2

Buffing alone will not eradicate surface flaws from a car. We often utilize a range of wool or foam pads and an aggressive compound to eliminate the heavier, deeper scratches. The objective is to level the paintwork and eliminate these flaws.

Stage 3

The third stage in the paint correction procedure is polishing the car. The mix of a machine, pad and polish will vary from vehicle to vehicle based on factors such as the quantity and kind of clear coat, whether or not the paint is a single stage and the severity of the flaws.

The Benefits Of Paint Correction

Minor imperfections in your vehicle’s paint may reduce its value and make it older. We can use paint correction to enhance the car’s paint, allowing your vehicle to look its best and remain in excellent condition. Here are some benefits of getting the paint on your car touched up.

Resale Value

When the outside of your vehicle is scuffed and dull, it is more challenging to sell it for its true value. Paint correction may help you avoid excessive wear and tear maintenance bills and lease return costs. When trading in or selling your automobile, you will be able to get a higher price.

Make the paint on your car shine.

Environmental elements may cause severe damage to your automobile. Minor abrasions from road debris, severe abrasions from accidents, and blemishes from inappropriate washing procedures may all expose your vehicle to dirt and contaminants, making it susceptible to corrosion. By eliminating or smoothing these imperfections, paint correction may increase the durability and luster of your car’s paint.


How much is Paint Correction?

Numerous elements influence the price of a paint correction service. The condition of your car’s paint, surface area, and even color have an impact (darker colors show more scratches and, therefore, often require more work).

How long does it take to do paint correction?

Paint Correction involves numerous techniques for removing exterior faults. However, it depends on the state of your paint. In two days, minor paint adjustments may be made. Significant paint corrections for aged and fading paint may take up to seven days and fifty hours of polishing, refining, and finishing for a single automobile.

Does Paint Correction eliminate scratches?

Yes. The cutting compound in the polishing procedure is used to remove scratches. The compound liquid or paste is applied uniformly throughout the painted surface of the car, and then an electric polisher is used to spread the compound while cutting into the clear coat. Before trying to remove a deep scratch in the clear coat, seek the assistance of a skilled detailer.



2 New Detailing combines cutting edge technology and premium products to improve your car’s paintwork with a paint correction service. Come to 2 New Detailing in Troy, Michigan, where our trained crew is ready to remove any flaws from your vehicle. Call us at 586-932-8080 to schedule a paint correction appointment today.