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2 New Detailing in Warren, MI
Premium Detailing Services

2 New Detailing in Warren, MI, provides ceramic coating, paint correction, boat detailing, boat coating, and auto detailing.

When you buy a brand-new car or, for that matter, even a second hand one, you should protect your vehicle to enhance the resale value. 2 New Detailing in Warren, MI, provides ceramic coating, boat coating, paint correction, auto detailing, and boat detailing. Our expert team always ensures your vehicle is returned to you in top-notch condition. Contact 2 New Detailing to protect your car today!

When it comes to improving your car’s appearance and quality, 2 New Detailing is an ideal destination for car owners! 2 New Detailing in Warren, MI, only uses state of the art techniques and premium products to restore your vehicle back to pristine condition. Furthermore, 2 New Detailing has an expert team with a great passion for car care. Book an appointment with 2 New Detailing at 586-932-8022 to choose the right service for your vehicle!

2 New Detailing is the premier detailing company in Warren, Michigan, using cutting-edge procedures and a highly experienced staff! Schedule an appointment with us today!

2 New Detailing, Warren, MI, provides our valued customers with the most innovative vehicle care services in the area! To make an appointment, please call us at (586)-932-8022.

2 New Detailing Warren, MI

Warren is located in Macomb County, Michigan. Many distinct types of companies have set up shops in this metropolis. Located inside the metropolitan area of Detroit, Warren is a close-in suburb. The city has a total area of 34.46 square miles, of which 0.08 square miles is water. Located in southwest Macomb County, just outside of Detroit, the city is square six miles on each side.

Ceramic Coating at 2 New Detailing Warren, MI

Your vehicle is regularly exposed to harsh weather and environmental factors like acid rain, bird droppings, road grime, and contaminants. Ceramic coatings can prevent damage to your vehicle’s surface by forming a protective layer. Ceramic coatings make it easy to remove all the dirt and grime on your car to create a shiny luster that any driver can be proud of.  

Paint Correction at 2 New Detailing Warren, MI

Paint correction is a method of eliminating minor scratches and blemishes from the clear coat of a vehicle. The detailers use an electric polisher, a microfiber buffing pad, and a specific cutting compound to cut into the clear layer of a vehicle’s paint until the scratches are eliminated or leveled.

Auto Detailing at 2 New Detailing Warren, MI

Auto detailing is the precise art of washing and restoring a car into a like-new condition. Professional detailers employ specialized procedures and premium solutions to eliminate all exterior and interior dirt and grime.

Boat Coating at 2 New Detailing Warren, MI

Boat coatings are transparent polymer coatings applied over a boat’s existing paint or bare metal. The protective layer attaches to the underlying surface and forms a barrier extremely resistant to UV radiation, contaminants, saltwater, and freshwater.

Boat Detailing at 2 New Detailing Warren, MI

Boat detailing involves cleaning your vessel’s exposed surfaces to enhance its look. Detailing a boat enables the surfaces to be cleaned, smoothed, and restored to a fresh and attractive appearance.


Best car ceramic coating 2 New Detailing Eastpointe MI

Auto Detailing at 2 New Detailing in Troy, MI, is the perfect place to detail your car and renew that showroom-like shine! At 2 New Detailing, we use high-quality techniques to clean your vehicle and protect the upholstery, thus improving the car’s value! Book an appointment with 2 New Detailing at 586-932-8022, or you can reach us at 33873 Dequindre Rd Troy, MI 48083! 2 New Detailing is ready to assist car owners!